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Privacy issues

Posted on 2006.11.29 at 20:01
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Oh dear... I just realised how public one of my blogs was... so yes, I'll be adding them in here, with the dates they had been posted in my last blog. =3 I hope no one relevant read those blogs. I loved that blog too... it's such a pity there is no way to make certain entries private, like my lovely LJ has here. =)

My Name =)

Posted on 2006.04.15 at 08:02
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Foreign Language Translations

(consecrated/pledged/devoted to God)

MSN Chat Language
¦¤¦?¿»»Ï § Å ß € ££ € «« ¿?¦¤¦

Plans for Get-Together - May

Posted on 2006.04.09 at 21:30
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There will be...
1) scrap-booking
2) Meeting of Bryce and Kyle
3) Dairy Queen eating
4) Visiting of random parks
5) Sleeping-over
6) Going to Mass the next morning (Sunday)[b/c I have to altar serve]

Intended invitees...
Shellibean and Leemur

Izzle fo Shizzle

Early Saturday morning (10ish) to afternoon following Sunday (15ish)

May 20 or 27


Posted on 2005.11.08 at 21:16
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Sins to Confess

Posted on 2005.09.03 at 03:14
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Well, I don't know what has come over me this past week, but I feel different about my religion. More intimate with my relationship with God. Yet, when I am around my family, this feeling is blocked out. Like there is some haze that is inpenetrable. It sucks.
I went to mass Monday morning. Couldn't go Tuesday evening because it was going to rain. Couldn't go Wednesday morning, because it was still raining. Thursday morning I had to go to Turner Fenton for Alex's grade 9 orientation. (Where I met up and hung out with George and Anastasios for the entire day.) I went Friday morning. It was the first Friday of the month, so the Holy Sacrament (I believe it was called that) was taken out, and worshipped. (I don't know if we worshipped it. I think it might be a sin to -worship- it. =/)
Saturdays, from 16:15 to 16:45 the priests set aside time for confessions. I think I will be able to go. But I must be prepared. Know what I'm am confessing...
1) being rude to my parents
2) being slack in my duties around the house and to my family
3) ignoring friends

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